Give up expectations

I have realized that I will never know what the next moment, or next experience, will bring. Not before I go through it.

When I have a bad day, or things are not unfolding the way I want them to, knowing what’s coming it’s all I want. After I manage to go past what was holding me in place, I see the benefit of not knowing. The benefit is that I am not restricted to a single outcome.

By not knowing beforehand how our life will unfold, we are allowed to be all that we can be, with no restrictions, except the ones we set for ourselves. Before it happens, every experience is unbound, limitless. Our expectations change that. Now we have restricted the experience to how much our mind can understand.

We do this because we are afraid, but it doesn’t justify robbing ourselves of the chance to evolve and expand as humans.  Living life, instead of trying to control it, it’s a shift of perspective that we all need. Once we allow ourselves to experience events, relations, everything without restrictive expectations, life becomes simpler. We give up complications in exchange for true connections to everything and everyone in the world, and also to who we are inside.

Perspective should never be fixed. It’s something organic that needs to be adapted to make our response to life situations better. Often in life, we hold a single view of a life situation for a long time after the event took place. This provides a distorted view of the present moment.

Every moment there is, creates a reaction in us. The perspective we hold dictates our answer. Many of us are not aware that we can change the way we view certain events, and in doing this, change the way they impact us. For this to be visible, we must first become aware of the behavior.

Each of us was born a masterpiece, but because of the meaning we hold from what happened until this current moment, we see ourselves as a child’s sketch. The good news is that no one can stop us from improving our perception. If we educate ourselves, the sketch will soon start looking like a beautiful painting again.

Every event in our lives is another touch of the brush on the canvas. The way we choose to perceive it decides if it improves the image or not. Let the work of art, that you are, be seen by the world. By doing this you inspire in others the courage to do the same.