For someone who is there whenever people need my help, I can’t seem to manage to do the same for me. Many of us act this way, but we fail to understand that we will not be of use to anyone if we break down.

Caring for people and trying to help whenever we can, is a good thing, but we are not actually helping when we only transfer their burdens on us. Helping means showing someone how to solve a problem they have, not doing the work for them.

Often, we are tempted to stop the struggle of people we love, convinced we are doing a good thing. In fact, we are only holding them back from evolving.

We all need to learn how to solve problems in life, at least our own problems.  Out of love and fear we end up protecting the ones we care about from things that need to be experienced.

To be able to face the big difficulties in life, we must build muscles for that. We do it by taking on the small fights because even if we lose, the wounds will be small and they will heal easily.

Life is not linear or predictable. It will throw at you things you are not ready for. To manage them you need to adapt, but to adapt, you must first survive.

If you have never been met with adversity, how will you manage when it comes your way? Stop avoiding the hard things because they are meant to build a stronger you, even if this means they will break down the one you are now. 

Life is scary because it requires us to give up all our defenses. Everything we have built to protect ourselves from being hurt must go because the same things keep us from feeling the love as it should be. All of us try so hard to put layers over layers upon who we are, not understanding this makes it hard for other people to see us.

Love is not a physical attraction, it’s a connection of the souls. In order for us to allow this kind of connection, we need to show ourselves naked from all constructs we have created for the world.

The fear of being hurt is always present around love, but this is no justification for not opening up. Even if things don’t go as you wish and your heart is broken, your trust betrayed, keep in mind all the good you experienced until that point. Love can’t be forced, it can only be shared, that is why we must give it before we can receive it.