Face the struggles

There will be times in life when you will find yourself at a standstill, and the only way to move is to give up a part of who you are. At first, you will not be willing to make this trade. You worked so much to get here, to become everything you are now. What is requested from you can’t be right.

You are looking at the situation wrong. When climbing a ladder, you always need to let go of the current step before you can reach for the next one. Who you are now got you this far, but you will need to become someone else to go any further. What you see as a trade is more of a transformation.

You are always in a continuous state of transformation, but you don’t acknowledge this because the changes are small. From time to time, the small changes you refused accumulate into something you see as an obstacle.

Now you need to decide if you keep holding on to what you know, and remain unchanged, or you let it go, and embrace the unknown. As scary as it seems, the only choice you have is to move. Movement is a necessity in every life. When forced to move, there is a lot more you need to give up compared to when you chose to move.

A more manageable way to evolve is to become aware of the changes taking place each day. By doing this you are able to move at your own pace, and what you think you lose is easier to accept. When you become aware that every moment changes you, change no longer looks frightening.

Letting go of what is not good for you can prove a hard thing to do. First of all, because you might not be aware that is not good for you. Second, because you think nothing else exists, except what you are experiencing right now.

You should open your eyes and your mind, there is a world full of possibilities out there, but to see it, you need to tear down the walls you so carefully built. I know you raise them because they make you feel safe. They were meant to keep out whatever could hurt you, but, in fact, they keep out the good things also.

Do you really want to live your whole life between these walls you have created? I hope not, because you are much bigger than the space you’ve designed for yourself. As you evolve, the walls start o push against your mind, and is going to be painful.

By then, you will be forced into action. You will be forced to make a choice, a choice that would have been much easier to make earlier. So, what will you do? Will you stay with the pain of being pressed by the walls that limit your world, or will you push against them until they will break, to make the jump into the unknown?

I hope you will choose to jump because there is no benefit in keeping yourself from evolving. The world is in need of humans that are not afraid to face the struggles necessary for them to become all they can be.