Share life

Sharing my life with the person I am meant to be with is the main reason I am grateful. Without the love and support that I receive every day, I would not have become the person I am today. My wife has always been there for me, no matter the cost or the circumstances. I am trying my best to do the same for her, always.

As life unfolds we will be led down paths that we would rather not follow, but we need to. Then is when having someone to help you stay strong will make all the difference. Having a partner that can make you better is not only about you, it’s more about sharing everything, and also about learning from each other.

This partnership must be win-win, if it’s going to work. No other option is fair. It might not work, but it takes out the joy. You need to understand that is not right to enter a relationship with the expectation that the person in front of you will turn into the one from your dreams. This sets you up for suffering.

The person you choose to spend your life with is the one standing in front of you now, with all the good and the bad parts. It does not mean they can’t improve, but in the beginning, you need to make a conscious decision that you can live with the bad parts.

If you can’t, the best course of action, for both of you, is to go your separate ways. Letting go is never easy, especially after you have invested so much of yourself into it, but it is necessary for you to be happy.

What does it mean to be in a good relationship? The answer to this question is different for every person, but there must be some common parts.

For some people, a good relationship means that their partner is everything they desired, in every detail. This is a selfish view and has nothing to do with the true connection required. Most broken relationships get to the breaking point because they were built wrong, and the issues were never mended.

Just like a house, a relationship needs a good foundation, a good base you can build upon. Unfortunately, in the beginning, the partners are busy presenting their best side and building images in their heads about how everything should be.

The purpose of being together is to make life better for both of you, but this will not happen if you are focused on only what you need. When two people live for and through each other, none of them will be frightened by the partner’s success.

The most important elements of a good relationship are respect, trust, and communication. All three are connected, and they are necessary at all times. Sharing life with someone means you need to constantly work on maintaining these three elements.

A true and meaningful connection between two persons rarely happens instantly, instead, it comes as the result of true involvement and interest in the person you are with. Stop being afraid to love. The purpose is not to get back what you give, but rather to give and trust that is well received.