Exist in this moment

Do you understand how extraordinary it is that you exist in this moment? You have overcome many obstacles to get here, the best you can do is enjoy it. Why do you disregard most of what happened in your life, and choose to focus on a few events from your past where things went wrong?

It is not fair to not see the things you did good in life, and keep believing that your regrets are who you are. You did your best every day. You used what you had available, in ways that you knew, and sometimes you failed. There is no shame in that, but your mistake is to believe that if you fail once you should stay there forever.

Failure, as you know by now, is not a singular event. It will happen many times in life, and the only choice you have is to accept it, when it can’t be avoided, and learn as much as you can from it. This is not easy to do every time, especially if you keep focusing on what went wrong.

This moment should be appreciated for what it is, the result of all the life you have lived. It is not meant to go on forever, no moment is. If you want your future moments to be better, you need to stop avoiding seeing the lessons in failure and start seeing the things you did right in life.

Only you have the power to reframe what happened in your life into something that can do you good. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, not even yourself.

Why are we afraid to give up the things that hurt us? Why do we hold on to them, even when the pain keeps growing?

Maybe we feel like this because we’re trying to move away from what was a part of our lives for such a long time that we made it our own. Or, maybe we don’t even see these things that hurt us as something that we need to move away from.

Either way, I know you are feeling the pain, but until you identify what is causing it, and start moving away from that, things will not get better on their own. At a certain point, you will have to decide if the fear of change is more frightening than to keep feeling the pain every day.

I can guarantee that if you wait for too long, the pain will become unbearable, and you will want to run, just to escape it. If you wait for that moment, you will have no options. Even if there are some options left, you will not have the clarity to choose right.

That is why you need to prepare your escape in advance. When you identify what is causing you pain, it is time to decide on a plan of action. Then, you need to stick to it, but still make adjustments along the way.

When you reach the moment to give up what is hurting you, you will need to leave pain behind, step over fear, and enter the world awaiting on the other side. This is a world where you have the power to give up on the bad and focus on the good.