What defines you?

What defines who you are? Is it the job you have, the car you drive, the clothes you wear? I don’t think so. Who you are is the result of all your thoughts, and of all the things you do constantly. You might not agree with me, but take a sincere look back at your life, and you will see that I am telling the truth.

Every one of us defines the person we are in every moment, with every thought and every action. For many of us, awareness is only a fancy word, not something we need to embrace. That is why many of the choices we make are not conscious. This leads to actions we don’t agree with, and it takes us to places that are not good for us.

When you become aware that the responsibility of who you become is only on you, it changes focus from things you can’t control to something that is in your control. What you do must always be in your control. You can borrow ideas and views only as long as you know you are doing it, and you do it by choice.

A better way is to have your own views, to think your own thoughts. This does not mean refusing everything that doesn’t match your views, but do not accept anything without passing it through your thought process. Who you are is someone you made up, someone you are still making up. The outside world is a lot less important than you think. What matters is how you package the information before making it your own.

In your life, there will be moments that will define who you turn out to be as a person. They will never reveal to you before time, you will identify them as important only after they happen, a long time after they happen. These moments stay with you for a long time. They become a source of lessons that can help you deal with present situations.

Unfortunately, your life will be impacted by events that you’d rather avoid. These too will stay with you, if you let them. They are not meant to stay with you forever. You need to keep the lessons they thought, but let them go. Don’t let them trap you in a pit full of pain and regret.

Good and bad will always be present in your life, even if you become blind to the existence of any of them. Too much good is easy to accept, but it’s not as easy to accept too much bad. Whenever one is more present than the other, we tend to believe that life will always be that way. In truth, life can go from high to low in an instant and sometimes goes from low to high just as fast.

All you have to do is go with the flow, to adapt to what is in front of you. Being ready to adapt will make it easier to go through the hard times, and pushing through the hard times will make the good times better.

We all want to obtain everything fast and easy, but in truth, this way brings no personal evolution. It is difficult to see the hard times as useful, especially when you are in the middle of them, and it seems they will never end, but whenever you will look back, you’ll see it.