Can’t see the future

None of us is able to see into the future, but we make a lot of effort trying to do just that. I am no different, and it took me many years to understand that, even if my intuition grants me some glance into the future, I will never see the whole image.

This being the situation, as any sane man would, I have decided to create my own image of the future, a future of that has all that I’ve been looking for. My mind is not yet at peace with what I’ve set up to do. It’s still trying to convince me that what I am creating has nothing to do with the real world. I don’t want to hear that. I know that what I’m building has nothing to do with my reality now, that is why I must build it.

Sometimes we put too much weight on the current situation and disregard the benefits of imagining ourselves in a better place. No matter what your circumstances are right now, there is nothing that can stop you from building a life that will await you in the future. It will be the lighthouse pulling you to safety when the storm seems to go on forever.

You are always free to decide what you think, that is the greatest freedom you have. Don’t convince yourself that all that you are now is all you are always going to be. Your imagination is the greatest tool that can help you move out from the places that hurt you into places that can nourish you. Create the world of your dreams. Imagine it in every detail, and then use every real thing that can make the dream world become real.

Objective reality is overrated, and this is strange, considering that every one of us experiences a subjective reality. The life experience of every person in existence is obtained by filtering the objective reality through all previous events and the way those events made that person feel.

In short, what happens to you now and how you feel about it will influence everything that comes after in life. When you understand that this is the way life works, you should understand that there’s a solution to your problem.

If life is not about the events, but rather about what you make of them and what emotions you tie to them, why not create what you want in advance? Take your time to design how you want your life to be, see that image in your mind, hear the sounds, smell the smells, and most importantly, remember how it makes you feel. These feelings will help you know that you are still on the right path when the objective reality makes you doubt the image inside.

Now, the real work begins. You need to start moving from where you are now to where you want to be. There’s not only one way to get there, so, do what you know with what you have. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit regularly the life you imagined, it will provide strength when needed.

What I’m trying to say is that where you are now is not as important as you believe it to be. What is important is that you imagine the place you want to reach, trust that you will get there, and don’t stop until it becomes so.