Say something

Say something! I need you to give me some advice because I don’t know if what I’m doing is right. I’ve always trusted you, and there were things you were right about, many, but I think you might be wrong about this one.  For the last half of my life, I have been working for something that you promised is going to be mine.

Though I made some progress, I see no real sign that your promise will ever become true. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I wasn’t brave enough, or strong enough, but you need to take some of the blame. The images you helped me paint inside my mind are nowhere to be seen in the real world.

Stop your whining, kid! I’m not able to see the future. Yes, I made you a promise, but I’ve never said the outcome is guaranteed. My commitment was that if we worked together, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving all that we desire.

There is no fixed timeline for when that will happen. The certainty is that every hesitation or argument is pushing the finish line further. I know you’re frustrated, that your patience is running out, but I know no other way to make dreams come true, except to work for them.

I promise you that I will never give up hope, and every time you falter, I will be here to bring you back on the right path. I will always catch you because we are in this together. Stay right here. Don’t be afraid. I know that your mind is looking for an escape, but you are safe. There’s nothing bad that can happen to you in this moment.

Being still is much harder than it looks, and your mind is not used to it. The mind is used to moving fast, jumping forward and backward in time, creating alternative outcomes from this moment. Right now, you are allowed to have no plan. It is recommended. This moment is all that you need to experience. If you look closely you will see that it is perfect. Nothing can hurt you, and no one can take what is yours.

Most of the time your mind does what it knows best, it’s trying to distract you from the current moment. It is not used to exist in a single point in time. As humans, we are not designed to experience life as a single moment in time, so it is our job to connect the mind to what we are experiencing now.

Let’s make an exercise in imagination and picture your mind’s behavior represented as a heartbeat. The further the beat goes from the baseline, the more difficult it will be for you to connect to the present. It will serve you more if you can educate your mind to oscillate as close as possible to the baseline, to the present.

This is not to say you should not make plans for the future, but you must understand that your life doesn’t take place there. It takes place now.