Dreams and fantasies

In my mind, dreams and fantasies share the same space. This arises a few problems, the most important being how do I differentiate between them.

All the dreams I have I want to follow or at least try to. Fantasies are a bit tricky and some of them are meant to remain in my mind. That is because the sheer curiosity that created them is not worth the real life result, plus, some of them look a lot better in my mind.

The one way to understand which is which, for me, is to pay attention to the way they make me feel. My fantasies make me feel curious and excited while my dreams give me a feeling I can’t describe, but I can feel it in all my body. It is a feeling that builds me up.

It takes a lot of time to keep dreams alive. It is even more difficult when everyone and everything outside of you tries to convince you to let go.

The truth is, your dreams live inside you. They are not a result of what happens outside, it is rather the real source of what is happening. I am saying that your dreams were formed and shaped inside your mind. It is there you need to protect them, to nurture them.

Use your dreams as beacons that won’t let you get lost. Every time you go of the path, remember where you are going. When you see your dreams clearly and you remember how they feel there is nothing that can stop you from reaching in the real world what you already hold in your mind.

With all dreams, the most important thing to do is to keep the feeling of the dream alive. If we do that the dream will become reality faster than imagined. Please hold on to your dreams.