Do yourself a favor

Do yourself a favor! Always look past your current situation, but at the same time start from where you are. Where you are now might not be a good place, and it might not even be your fault, but if you can’t see yourself, in the future, living in a better situation, things will stay the same.

Look around. What can you find here that is good? Start there. Use all that you have to build a better world for yourself. Don’t waste your time finding blame for where you are. Give up the regrets of past mistakes. They are done, and they will stay done, regardless of how many times you revisit them.

Use your energy to build the life you desire, and not to dig yourself into a hole. Yes, your life is hard. And is going to stay that way until you decide to do something about it.

No, you can’t change anything instantly, but you can initiate change right now. Look for the small things that you can improve. Small improvements take little effort, but they create momentum, and soon enough you’ll be able to make big changes.

On the journey to a better life, you will find yourself in hard situations. You are able to go past them, but you’ll have to put in the effort. The more you are able to trust what you see in your future, the less effort you’ll have to make. Don’t get confused, you’ll still have to make a lot of effort, but you’ll know why you do it.

You’ve been doing things a certain way for some time now, but it seems to take you nowhere. So, what can you do? What is that you really want? It is essential to be clear on this because it will define what you have to do from here forward.

Doing what you’ve always been doing, will you ever be able to reach what is important to you? If the answer is no, you already know what you have to do. Change the way you approach everything. Find a new way to do things, a way that can move you toward the target you set for yourself.

You might not know what you need to change, but you must know what could be improved. Start with that.  Improve what is already working, and fix it, or give up what is not working. Don’t focus on what is happening around you, but rather on how you can use that to get you closer to what is important to you.

Changing your old ways won’t happen instantly. You will need to work on that. While doing the work, when you check progress, make sure that you look at the distance from where you started, not at how much you still have to go.

When trying to improve how you do things, always look for routines that you can maintain. If you are able to find those activities that help you make progress, and at the same time, you love to do, then your success is guaranteed.

Don’t be afraid to change only because you can’t see how to reach what matters to you. Start with small improvements, and keep going. You’ll be fine.