Do you remember a lie?

What if what you remember is a lie? What if your mind isn’t always telling you the truth? You put so much importance on some of the things that happened in the past, but the way you remember them is not accurate.

The brain is a pattern recognition machine, but when it doesn’t have enough information it will remember things that seem to fit together. In truth, your brain has made up a version of the events that makes sense to you, and that’s what you remember.

Another reason why you can’t completely trust your memories is that every time you recall them you change them a little bit. The emotional state you were in when something happened in your past, will also alter the way you remember the events.

Everything that you remember today about the past, all your life, is only your version of what happened. So, maybe, it’s not right to hold on to this version like there’s nothing else except the way you remember things. Now that you know that all you remember is your version of events, you can go into the future with a more flexible approach.

If you have a particular view of events, it means every other person has one also, and these views don’t have to be the same, and that’s fine. Reality will be the same for everyone, but what your mind chooses to take from it will be different from what others take from it. When you keep this in mind, there’ll be less conflict in your life.

So, it’s certain that you don’t see the world like everyone else does. There’s no problem with this, as long as you are aware of it. It means that wanting everybody to see the world in the same way as you is an unrealistic expectation.

Every person has a specific view of what the world is, and that view is a filter for reality. This filter can become crooked sometimes, so then, what’s seen through it is no longer useful, because it distorts reality.

Having different views is a good thing because no person can see everything. So, at times, it is necessary to have an external point of view because it’s impossible to see the whole thing when you’re in the middle of it. What you see is different from what any other person sees in every situation. This can either create conflict or it can create a better way to see that situation, for both of you.

When you look at it, having different views can be both good and bad, like most things in life. It is bad when you believe that your view is the only one there is, and it’s good when you understand that every person has a right to have a view that’s different than yours.

The hardest part to understand is that you can learn new things from how other people see the world, and this will improve your view of the world by allowing you to see more of it.