Value in everyone

There is true value in everyone you meet. It might not be quantifiable, but there is value in them. Stop seeing people as tools for your schemes. You did things like this for such a long time, that is hard to change, and you are only focused on how each person can help your own interest.

Every person has intrinsic value, which is different from what you want to get out of them. It is not fair to ignore that and reduce them to a stepping stone to what you call success.  Let’s say you do succeed this way, and you sit at the top, only to be alone Don’t you sometimes feel the need to share your achievements and the way you feel, with someone else?

If you are honest, the answer should be yes. And you are smart enough to understand that people won’t stay with you if you continue to treat them like objects. As long as you keep seeing people as pieces in your puzzle, you will not be able to create a real connection with them.

Start seeing them as humans, as complex beings that deserve to be acknowledged as such. When you look for value in people, you are bound to find it. Sometimes it might be hard to see, but it will still be there.

Change the way you interact with people. Focus on seeing the value in them, and make them see it for themselves. Even if not every person you try to connect with will stay by your side, there will be someone to support you when you need it.

Pay attention to the words you speak because, just like you, everybody else has self-esteem issues, and they battle self-doubt. It’s easy to judge someone, to point out what is wrong with their life, and all that they did wrong.

This doesn’t mean you should do it with every chance you get, especially in an attempt to demonstrate your superiority. People are fragile inside, regardless of the front they put out in the world, so pointing out their flaws will bring no good to you, and will also diminish their self perceived value.

You don’t like it when this is done to you, so why can’t you stop doing it to other people? Every person battles a monster inside, that tries to cripple development. Next time you see someone in a bad spot, try to help, and if you can’t, at least say something useful, walk away.

The words you’ve been telling yourself are not helping you grow, they, more likely, hold you down. This is the main reason you tend to see flaws in people, you only see flaws in yourself. It’s time to change the way you speak to yourself.

This will also change the words you’ll speak out loud. Once you’re able to see the good in you, it will be easier to see it in other people too. Work on creating a self image that is closer to your true value. It will make life easier for you, and this will leave you more energy to look for what is good and beautiful. And the more you’ll look, the more you’ll find.