Creativity in everyone

We make plans for the future, then we do our best to move according to those plans, but sometimes we forget to adapt and adjust along the way. Nothing in life will ever go according to plan. Some changes are not important, and some will force us to see their importance.

When faced with changes that force us to change direction, the only option is to adapt, to find another way to reach the goal or dream that put us on this path in the beginning.

Planning works when it’s used to draw some lines to guide us and to set some checkpoints along the way, where we can check progress. If you start to rely only on the plan, and it becomes more important than what you are trying to accomplish, you limit your creativity.

Creativity is what you will need when faced with new problems. Creativity is what can help you find better ways to do things. Creativity can create a way for you to reach your dreams, even when there seems to be none.

Don’t limit your evolution by fixating on a future you think you want. Allow yourself the freedom to become whoever you need to become. Life is always unfolding in front of your eyes, and forcing your views on what is happening will only hinder your experience.

Having a target to go for, is important, but don’t get obsessed with a single way of getting there. Start on the path that is clear to you, but don’t be afraid to change direction when needed.

The way we try to build our lives is restrictive. No person is as limited as the image created in the mind from broken pieces we gathered from the world. Every person can be more than what the mirror reflects back right now. For that to happen we must give up our limitations, and allow ourselves time and space to evolve.

Evolution is closely connected to creativity. Through creativity, we bring something immaterial into the real world. In this process, we become more in tune with the energy of the universe, and in doing so we open the door to infinite potential.

Creativity is deeply seeded inside every person, but for it to grow, it must be given time, and it must be given trust. In today’s society, the energy needed for creativity gets wasted on mindless tasks, and jobs that limit development.

We got accustomed to the idea that creative people are special, but this is not quite true. Creativity, like everything else that matters in life, is the result of discipline and consistency. Everything that starts with a thought, and becomes real, is an act of creation, so, you have been creating without even knowing.

The ones that succeed did something different, they paid attention to what they were creating, and they were intentional. Starting from now, you can do it too. Pay attention to what you are thinking, choose what you get to create, and be consistent.