A naive opinion

It’s a naive opinion, but I believe that the world is here for us not to take it on, but rather to give in to it.

Each of us has something that it’s uniquely ours. It can be an ability, a way of thinking, a way of seeing things. All these unique pieces should come together to transform the world we live in into something better, but, out of fear, many of us choose to hide what is different about us in an attempt to fit in.

We are not meant to fit in by losing parts of who we are, but rather to fit together with people that are just as imperfect as we are. Like in a puzzle, the pieces are not perfectly square, but they still form something beautiful, that is how we can work together to achieve something wonderful.

To be able to show the world those parts that you keep hidden, you need first to accept them as being yours. After that, you will find it easier to bring your uniqueness into the world.

The moment you find the courage to do this, your life will be transformed in a way that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. There is freedom in having nothing to hide, a freedom that allows you to focus on things that help you grow, rather than trying to make yourself smaller.

Start making an impact on the world by sharing what you have special, usually this means different. Give all that you have to give, and trust that what you give will be received by the right people. What you get back is different from what you expect, but it will be what you need.

The world has changed, and now, everyone can have their voice heard. This is, mainly, a good thing because people that have something to say can be heard by a lot more ears that need to hear them.

At the same time, many people that have nothing to say have flooded the world with their words and ideas. This abundance of information has made it difficult to distinguish between what is useful and what is not. Value is no longer the main criteria to sort through information. Creating visibility through insincere packaging has become the norm.

Building something meaningful, in any field, is meant to take time, but we let ourselves believe that we can build something in an instant. In order to achieve this, many of us are willing to give up on everything that makes us human.

The kind of information you put into the world is important because the people impacted by that information count on it to be true and to have value. When you let your ideas out into the world, you must understand that they will grow in people’s minds. Considering this, please make sure that the seeds you are planting are those of growth, kindness, and purpose.

All throughout our history we have found ways to be divided. We now have a chance to find ways to bring us together, to support one another. Use our voice to inspire, build and unite, rather than to tear things down.