Can’t predict life

As the tide rises, I am afraid that I’ll be swept away, but there is no point in running because I will never run fast enough. So, I’ll let myself be swept away, and trust that wherever I’ll find the shore again is where I need to be.

Life is not something that can be predicted, though we keep trying to see into the future, to be prepared for what will come. All we are able to do is guess. All our predictions are nothing more than guesses. The more we know about who we are, the better our guesses are, but they are still guesses.

We are afraid of the unknown, but this means we are fearful of life because everything is unknown before we experience it. When the tide rises, and it will surely rise, you are forced to let go of everything that you know and embrace the unknown. Now is no time to fight the movement of the water because it will only weaken you. Now is the time to relax and just go wherever the water takes you.

Once you reach solid ground, you can start to explore. Your ability to adapt and all your experiences are all you have, but they will prove to be enough for a new start. In life, every time a thing ends, something new starts.

No matter how hard you cling to the old, the new will sweep you away. Every time this happens, don’t be afraid. Just relax, and trust that you have everything you need to be alright.

I’ve learned to let things be, and it has made a big difference in my life. For a long time, I’ve been trying to control every aspect of life, but now I know that is impossible. Until I accepted that I couldn’t control everything, there was a lot of stress and disappointment in my life. It is hard to admit that most of it was self generated.

All the scenarios I used to create, and all that I tried to pay attention to, they did nothing for my evolution. They only allowed me to create expectations for things that might never happen. Excessive worrying is another symptom of always wanting to be in control, but I’m able to see it as such only by looking back. When I was creating those worries, I always felt that they were helping me in some way.

The truth is, they never helped. They only offered a way to keep my mind busy, but at the same time, they stopped me from seeing things clearly. These days, I find that I have more time for myself, and I enjoy it more. This comes as a result of me not trying to predict everything, but rather taking every moment for what it is, an opportunity to experience life.

I am aware that not all experiences will be positive, but every one of them will help me evolve. When my mind is not burdened by worries and expectations, I am able to appreciate the benefits each day brings, even when I don’t enjoy those days.