Can you do something now?

Can you do something about it now? So, why are you still trying to fix something that has already happened? Your life is created in this moment, so you should focus on what can be done now to improve the situation. There is no use to relive the past because even if you find a better way to do things, it can’t be applied in the past.

Being alive means moving forward, but you are trying to do this while looking back. If you keep on like this, sooner or later you’ll get off the road. Your past experiences, be they good or bad, are to be used to extract lessons that can improve the results of today’s experiences.

When you choose to keep living in the past, you are refusing to live in the present. This means that you’ll be less and less alive, the more you do it. After spending so much time in the same experience, you will convince yourself that nothing else exists and you’ll spend all of your time there, wondering why things never change.

To avoid getting lost in your past, you need to work in the present to build the future you desire. Use what you have now to move forward, closer to what you want. Do this every day. This doesn’t mean that you’ll not go through things, it only means that you can choose not to be stuck there when it happens.

Your memories of the past are a record of what has already occurred. Don’t make the mistake of using that as a  map for the future, unless you want to end up in the same places.

Why are you struggling? Are things that difficult, or is it your own doing? Your life doesn’t have to be this hard, but to change it, you will need to take responsibility for where you are right now, and for the way you choose to see everything.

All the hardships you have to endure might not be your doing, but you are the only one who can do something about it. Being the victim of your own thinking has pushed you into a way of doing things that do you no good.

What keeps you in this faulty way of doing might be fear, the need for validation, or maybe you are not aware of what you’re doing to yourself. The first thing to do is become aware that something is wrong. Next, see what you can do to improve your situation.

For real change to happen, you might need to give up behaviors that are part of you, and you will need to give up all the reasons why you can’t change things. Be sure that, you have enough value on your own. What you are worth is not given by what you can do for other people, but rather by who you are when around other people or when alone.

People tend to sense when a person has nothing to prove. And there is nothing to prove when you know who you are when you don’t act from your insecurities. Think about it! Is it worth the effort to make people like you for something that you are not?