Enough preparation

It’s not that I don’t trust that things will turn out for the best, but right now, I’m afraid because I don’t know how to make things better. I hoped that this time we will get what we’re looking for. I believe that we are ready, even if I might not be.

What do we do now, after this rude awakening to reality? Are we supposed to give up, and change direction? To me, it seems there’s no other choice but to keep moving on this path, because it’s not about what we want anymore, it is about life and death.

With what we know, it’s only one way that we can move forward, in what we think is the right direction, but that means that we risk more than we can gain. At the same time, it is clear that we can’t wait and do nothing. We’ve been doing that for far too long, and there’s nothing to show for it.

Like many times before, we trust that you will guide us in the right direction, and even if you can’t tell us exactly what to do, I hope that you will make it clear enough so that we can understand.

There seems not to be any strength left to push for this, but I’m still standing, so it means that I can still do something. Or maybe, all I need to do is be, and everything will take care of itself. I don’t want any of the people I love to suffer, but I know that sometimes, suffering is unavoidable.

What is in front of you that you can’t move forward? Or maybe is the fact that you can’t see anything, and that is frightening. You are used to knowing what is the next step to make, to seeing the road in front of you. Well, now things are different. It’s you who have to figure out what is the next step, and where it might take you.

Don’t linger too much in this state of preparation though, because it might trick you into believing that preparation means progress. Preparation is necessary but it means nothing without action. Now it is action that you need. And you might need to act before being ready.

Decide on your destination and start moving in that direction, you will figure out the rest while on your journey. With every step you make, something new will be revealed to you, and this allows you to change direction if necessary.

Once you decide on a target you need to reach, don’t make the mistake of believing that it is fixed. You chose it, so it means that you can change it, but make sure you don’t change it only because something new popped up.

You have a tendency to be distracted by shiny objects, so, when you set your mind on something, don’t let yourself be distracted by the new thing. There’s no problem with changing your mind, it’s actually recommended, as long as it comes as a result of new information or a change in priority.