A desire to help

There’s a desire to be of service in all of us. We instinctively want to help one another, but we’ve conditioned ourselves to ignore it.

Every time someone accomplishes something extraordinary, your first reaction is to be filled with envy. Why is that? It’s not like that person took anything from you, but you act like that’s the case. There is no one stopping you from going after the same thing, but you are not willing to.

You only want to have the benefits, not the work, that’s why you’re jealous of other people’s success. Do you gain anything from thinking this way? Probably a lot of pain and resentment. A better way is to learn what they did right and find a way you can use it to accomplish what is important to you.

For a long time, you blamed everyone else for the way your life is. Deep down, you know this is not true, but it makes it easier for you. This way, you need not do nothing, because you are not responsible for where you are in life.

It’s only an illusion. The only way to change your life is to take responsibility for everything. Even if something is not your fault, it gives you the power to change the situation, because you’re not waiting for someone else to come and do it for you.

Make your life about other people also, put yourself in the service of others, and learn that you don’t lose yourself when you give to others. It’s time that you understand that life is not only about you. This does not mean that you need to make it only about other people. The hard part is to find the balance between what you give to others and what you give to yourself.

Until now, you thought only about what you needed, and you were quite successful in getting that, but it proved to be less satisfying than you imagined. What if you misunderstood what success is? What if real success means that you share yourself and your experiences with other people?

Remember when you were a child, and something nice happened, the first thing you did was to tell your mother or father, about it, and this made it even better? In the same way, when you have someone to share your accomplishments with, they have greater value and the feeling they create lasts longer.

You might not be used to taking care of someone other than yourself, but it’s never too late to learn. The important people in your life, those that are important to you, they need to be able to rely on you. They need to be able to trust that you’ll do what is best for them, and for you, in any situation.

It is your choice if you change your view on life from now on, and there is no one who can force you to understand what you are not ready to understand on your own. Please try to see the truth in these words, or you might find yourself in a life where you have all that you want, but nothing of what you need.