Being alive is precious

I don’t know if we started this way, but we have become a species focused on conflict. Conflict at any scale. As individuals, we consider life without conflict boring. We lie to ourselves that we want peace and to be left alone, but when that happens, we start making up conflicts in our minds.

We have forgotten to help and to trust one another. This world is full of selfish people, people that are unaware of the consequences of their actions, or maybe, they are only ill-intended. Until we will be able to reconnect as a species and find a common goal to pursue, we are bound to be isolated strangers. And no man or woman can be everything by themselves.

This life was given to us so we can share as much as possible. To share what we have. To share who we are. To share the love.

Being alive for such a long time is not that much of a blessing, but it certainly has its good parts. It came as a surprise to me, but people are the best part. I had a completely different opinion in the beginning, but now my view has changed.

As a soul in this world, finding the people that speak to who you really are is essential. They are the ones you can be yourself with. They are the ones that make up for all the others who just wander aimlessly. If you take your time and look closely you will observe people are capable of extraordinary things.

A light touch filling your entire body with warmth is how love starts. After that, you are not your own master anymore.

Love takes control of everything you are. At first, it might be scary, but it will make you better. You will find courage where there was none. You will find strength where you used to falter. At the same time, you will have to constantly fight fear.

Love gives purpose to life as nothing else can. Love is rarely easy, but it’s always worth it. Even when it hurts, it gives you purpose.