A single change

Today started like any other day. A day in which blessings come pouring down. People wake up unaware of how special today is. They let worries from yesterday cloud their vision. Those worries stop them from seeing the beauty of the day just starting. Some of them meet the day as they should, with a smile on their faces and warmth in their souls. They are the ones that sensed how special today is.

As for me, I am somewhere in the middle. I have started this day with no expectations. It’s neither a good day nor a bad one. It is the day I’ve been given. I will do the best of the blessings I receive and try to overcome the misfortunes coming my way. This is how I’m keeping my sanity. 

Some days I am the person I want to be and some days I am a person I hardly recognize. I haven’t yet found the reason why this happens. I try to identify patterns that lead me to the strange days, the ones I’m not myself in.

The days start all the same. I know who I am in the morning. At a certain point during the day, I lose sight of what’s important and let me become someone else. I have started to educate myself into seeing the signs my day is changing. Until now I wasn’t able to stop the day from going bad, even when I caught signs that it was going to happen.

I know the secret is in my mind. It’s there where I need to understand what’s happening. Once I clarify this it will be easy to know who I am. This will make it easier to be me every day.

A single change is all you need to succeed, but there’s a catch. You have to keep your eyes open and treat each situation in your life as a chance to succeed. You have to do your best work at all times and focus on doing things right.

In this busy world, we often forget why we are doing things and focus only on the payoff. The payoff is important, but when it becomes the main or the only reason, we do something for, then our vision becomes completely distorted. To keep that from happening we must search for motivation in what we are doing and not only in what we get out of it.