Be grateful when is hard

It is easy to be grateful when everything is good in your life. It is much harder to do when it seems nothing is going right for you. In the hard times is where you must find something to be grateful for because then you need it the most.

When you focus only on what is wrong in your life, your mind stops seeing the good in everything. It becomes filled with things that hurt you. No matter how deep in a hole you think you are, there is always a way out, but sometimes, you will have to ask for help.

What keeps you trapped are not the people, nor the places, but rather your belief that the situation you are in, is fixed and can’t be changed. You must educate yourself to always see yourself past the problem that is blocking your way. This will open your eyes to opportunities that, if seized, will help you grow, and escape your difficulties.

You don’t always need to do everything alone. There will be people that can and want to help you. There will also be people that want to take advantage of you, probably that’s how you ended up in the situation you are in right now.

With time, you will get better at identifying, which is which, but even when you get it wrong, don’t close yourself to the world, and to life. This life is for you to flourish, to grow, to evolve. It’s not fair to let anyone else decide for you, just as it is not fair to believe you know everything. So, always learn and always grow.

We tend to resist anything new that enters our lives. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good or bad for us. The resistance is even stronger if this new change is challenging our identity because we hold to who we believe to be with all our strength.

When we fight to keep what we have and refuse the change asked of us, in truth, we resist life. Life is continuous change. A change that when not embraced, will be forced on us. This raises the question, why put so much effort into staying the same when change is unavoidable?

Isn’t it better to adapt to what life brings our way, and use all our effort to work with what we have already received? Your identity is something you have decided on. It is something you choose to believe about yourself. This does not always make it true, and, for sure, it doesn’t make it unchangeable.

You decide who you are every day, with every action and every thought. So, the image you see as you need to be constantly updated. With time, you are meant to evolve, your identity has to evolve. You add to it the new things that are good for you, and you throw away what no longer serves you.

Remember that who you are is not fixed. Don’t limit yourself by clinging to an image that has no connection with current reality. Today, you can be a different person, a better one, than you were any day before.