Emotional equilibrium

The times we live in don’t make it easy to stay balanced, but it’s exactly now that we need balance the most. The only real choice any of us has is to attain balance inside by better filtering what we accept from all the information that surrounds us.

All the information coming your way is not always true or useful. If you accept every bit of it, soon you will have no idea what is reality and what is made up. Guard your mind and be conscious of where your attention goes, because if you don’t, you might end up in a deep state of confusion that will make you easy to control.

Today, everybody is competing for a piece of your attention, which once obtained, will let in the kind of information that is bad for you. Everyone is telling you what to wear, what to eat, who to be, like they know better. Maybe it’s time for you to decide these things for yourself.

You need to wake up to reality, but to do that you must first understand that the information you built your views of the world on, might not be correct. This is not even the real problem, because if you choose to build your views on wrong information, it means you are aware of what is going on. This means the choices are yours.

To avoid being confused, in the future, make sure that all your choices are your own. Equilibrium is the desired state of mind when living feels like walking on a tightrope, but the more is needed the harder it is to achieve.

The way you choose to live will push you in certain directions. Every day, you must be aware if your actions make you feel more balanced or unbalanced. When something captures your focus, and you start pouring passion, time, and hard work into it, your perception of the bigger picture will be altered, or it loses importance to you.

The bigger picture should always be of interest to you because it will show where adjustments are necessary to keep everything in balance.

Emotional equilibrium is the tool that can make even the most stressful situation manageable. It will keep your mind clear when the pressure on your shoulders seems unbearable, it will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts and provocations, and most importantly, it will allow you to act as yourself in every situation.

To gain this kind of equilibrium, you need to train your mind every day. Make sure you don’t react to what is happening around you, but rather that you understand what it means to you, and choose to act accordingly.

In time, your mind will become harder to push off balance, and your actions will be based on sane thought processes rather than pure reactions. To be there when you need it, your mental equilibrium must be trained, like any other muscle.