All choices count

I came to believe life is a series of choices. Choices we might or might not be aware of. Regardless of our awareness, every time we make a choice and our direction in life changes.

I see life as a map. There are countless roads drawn on this map. The starting point is not that important and we can’t see further than one or two crossroads.

Knowing this we get two options to navigate. In one we walk to the first intersection and pick which way to go. The second way needs a bit more preparation. We have to decide in advance on the final destination. Once we can do that, at each intersection we follow the direction leading to our final destination.

Every little thing you do and every little thing you are counts, but it doesn’t work as you believe. There is no one keeping score of what you do. The person you become each day is the outcome of the choices you have made, even the ones you saw as insignificant. You must understand this because the person you might become tomorrow is based on what you choose today.

When does a choice become a good choice? Because before making your choice you have no clarity on what will happen. Your decision becomes good or bad after you have made it and that it’s clear after the decision is irreversible.

Going through life like this, without knowing if you made the right choice is scary, but it’s the only way life goes.

Life is change. This is the only constant you get. It is your decision if you see and accept this, but I recommend you embrace what comes your way and make the best of it.

I try to follow my own advice every day. On some days it is easy to do, on others not so much. But when I’m open to what comes my way, even if it frightens me, I end up in a better situation than the one I’ve started in.

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