I am a mixture of emotions lately. My days are filled with work I try to do with not much success.  I struggle to keep my mind clear and make the best decisions, but I find it hard due to the number of actions required from me.

Finding equilibrium and clarity of mind in this situation is not an easy thing to do. This turmoil tires me and by the end of the day, I’m left with almost no energy.

I have lost sight of the purpose I do the work for and now I’m trying to survive from one weekend to another. It’s not an optimal way of acting but I have no other way of coping right now. Until I will be able to find a better place for myself, I will have to endure. I am sure things will change for the better in a few weeks. I can feel it.

Time passes and I seem to go nowhere, but from now on it has to be different. My life is my own and no matter how much time passes I will keep the faith and be certain I will reach the places I need to reach, even if I do that later than planned.

Measuring my life against how I planned it might not be the best way to motivate myself. That is why I only compare life right now with life as it was yesterday. This way of thinking helps me progress each day and is only about me.

Every time I made a comparison between my life and anyone else’s life I was starting from the wrong premise. We are not all the same, so we can’t be put on the same measuring scale. Some of us move faster, others are stronger or smarter, and this means we reach our goals at different times.

The main aspect we forget when we compare ourselves with others is that we don’t all want the same things. We are distinct individuals with distinct values, and as long as we listen to our soul’s desires there is no need to compare ourselves to anyone but who we were yesterday.  

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