Alone, but still sane

Alone, lost in the storm, this is a feeling I know well. Though there are people around that want to help, in the end, it’s me who must face the demons. No one can help when the fighting takes place inside.

Uncounted thoughts pass through my mind. Some are useful and some are not, but all of them are battling to be the ones I see. It’s tiring to sort them out and choose the one to act upon. But if I don’t do that I end up being pulled in all directions, never following through with any of them. For something to get done I must keep to it until it is done.

“Finish everything you start, even when you don’t want to. Finishing makes the difference between a real man and a boy.” This is what my father told me once. I try to go by it each day.

Days seem to become shorter while my mind wanders more and more. Lately, I have not been able to focus my thoughts. They keep bolting in all directions. I am aware this is not good for me or for what I have to do, but it makes no difference.

A pack of wolves pulling at a piece of meat is how my thoughts pull on my mind. The only good thing, for now, is that I’m still sane. It might change soon but for now, I’m fine.

Loneliness does strange things to a man’s mind. Listening to yourself at every moment is scary, but it does have benefits. You get to better know yourself.

While alone, deep corners of your mind come into the light. Corners you kept in the dark for a reason. Now it’s time to face them. It is the only way you can free yourself from them. If not, they will stay in your mind forever, growing until they become big enough to consume you.

Nowhere to run from what is inside.

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