Lately, I enjoy being. Being a son, being a brother, being a lover, being me. I find joy in not questioning my actions more than it is required.

Everyone around tries so hard to be someone they’re not. They waste energy being this and that, never stopping for a moment to find out who they are. They don’t know the true blessings in life come when you give up all masks.

Giving up the mask is scary, though. It means giving up who you’ve been up to this point. How will you ever manage? Well, I don’t know, but I find it to be a lot easier than putting on a mask at all times.

Find the courage to dig inside until you find what makes your heartbeat and your mind fly. Once you do that, it’s easy. You just need to trust what you found and go with it.

Most times it won’t be easy to trust that small voice inside you just met. You know better, don’t you? Give it a chance. Even if life won’t get easier, I can promise you it will be uncomplicated.

Once you decide to go with the faint voice inside and your mind follows it, your perspective will change and you will start becoming the one you were meant to be.

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Ciprian A.

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