Strange world

What do you do when you wake up to a world that no longer feels yours? A world where any righteous voice is being silenced. A world where what is good is thrown to the ground. A world where humans forget to be human.

I don’t understand this world anymore. Growing up, I believed the world to be as correct and simple as the life I had in my parents’ house. From them, I have learned what it means to be fair and respect everyone’s rights, regardless of one’s title or lack of it.

I have tried to keep my principles and my values, but it seems the world is set to put everything I believe to the test. I know no other way to go about it than doing what I believe is right and not worry about what the world thinks. It’s not like the world ever stops to think about me.

When have we stopped looking upon each other as humans? There is no respect for anything and anyone in this world. We don’t respect each other, we don’t respect our work, we don’t respect nature and we only think about ourselves.

This way of being, of doing things, can only lead us into perdition. What we can do is to start seeing one another as human beings and not as a means to an end.

Start listening to peoples around you. Start seeing them. Give of yourself as much as you can, still leaving something for you. It will be hard at first and it might seem pointless. It’s not. The world needs us to come together and we can only do that by sharing who we are.

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