A single moment

A single moment can sometimes be enough to influence an entire life. Some of us chase after this moment and some of us run from it. Either way is useless. When we are ready for these moments they find us. It doesn’t matter if we’re ready or not.

For a long time, I’ve been waiting for something or someone to guide me, but my life only got better when I accepted I am the only guide I have. I have made mistakes and I will do many more, but as long as I am able to learn from them, I’ll be fine.

Going through life on a feeling can become scary, but if we are honest, it’s all we have. The way we feel about everything can prove a precious guide for our choices. It’s not the feeling of pleasure I’m talking about, but about that feeling, you can’t run from. That feeling telling you what’s right.

This feeling it’s the only guide that will always be true. We just need to remember to listen to what it says.

What should I do next? The answer to this question is never as clear as we want.

We go through life like we know everything when in truth we know nothing. Finding our way through the dark it’s easy, but it can only be done if we concentrate on the next step.

There’s no guideline on how to live a good life. It is for each of us to decide, and then build the good life we want. Doing this takes time, a lot of time, and effort.

Along the path to becoming the one you want you will discover a lot about who you already are. This is a win in itself.

I have been given a path of confusion. There wasn’t a point in my life when I knew where I’m going. In the beginning, I wasn’t aware that knowing which way to go is less important than trusting you are getting there.

 By this time in my life, I learned that is fine to be confused and unclear about how you will reach your destination. What is important is knowing at all times, in your mind, that you will reach your target.

It might not be easy, it most definitely won’t be the way you imagined and it won’t go the way you believe it will, but it’s worth it. You need to trust yourself. When you do this everything falls into place and you start receiving more than you ever dreamed of.