About writing

I have started this as a game only to find out writing is what I was missing in my life. The years passed since I’ve begun to put my thoughts on paper have taught me a lot about who I am and have changed the way I see myself and the world.

Writing is no longer a chore, as it started, but an important part of my day and my life. It is enriching my life with every word that reaches the page. It heals wounds inside I never knew I had. It provides clarity in a world of chaos.

I am grateful for all that I write. For the good and for the bad. I pray that one day my words will do for others what they’re doing for me. My words have been set free to reveal the truth, regardless of how ugly it is, and then start the healing.

What if I have nothing to say and all I’m writing is just wasted paper? This is a question I hear every day in my head. It can’t be only wasted paper because every word I write heals me. Maybe what I write can do the same for others.

I feel the benefits writing brings to me, but I can’t shake my doubts. I want to be able to touch people’s souls and improve their lives through what I lay on the page.

I know I am going to write for as long as I can because it brings peace and clarity to my mind and my life. All that I gain from spilling my thoughts on paper it’s worth the struggle of pulling the words out.

I set my words free in the hope they will reach the people that need them.

For the first time, I am able to look back on my life and be at peace with all I see there. This is not because I made no mistakes, but because I see the lessons. Something I was unable to do when I was in the middle of those lessons.

Seeing my past through the eyes of the man I am now, helps me understand a lot about who I am. I see the benefits of the struggles I’ve been through. Struggles I did my best to run from. Most of the things I’ve run from caught up with me eventually and thought me a hasher lesson than it should have been.

These days I don’t run from life anymore. I stand my ground and face whatever comes and as long as I keep breathing I will see the blessing in everything. I am grateful for every blessing that comes my way, even if I might not recognize it as such from the beginning. I trust who I am to do the best for the man I need to become.