Stay true to your words

My father once said “Kid, stay true to your words. It’s hard to do in today’s world. It might even work against you at times, but it’s going to allow you to know who you are at all times. In a world that tries to change you each day. Knowing who you are is useful.

Remember, you must learn to trust yourself. For that, you must keep your promises, especially the ones you’ve made yourself. Trust is a frail thing. It takes a lifetime to build and a single moment to destroy. “

For the first time in this life, I am able to trust myself. To trust I will do what I’ve said I’ll do. If I’m not able to do it, I will surely try.

In today’s world, maybe any day’s world, a man only has himself to rely on. It is nice to have people believe in us, support us and help us, but when it comes to doing is only ourselves to do the work.

Not running away from the work and being honest about what we are able to do will give a sense of stability and clarity that can’t be obtained any other way. What are you afraid of? What is there to fear? You can never go wrong as long as you listen to what feels true to your soul.

The doubts that come are there to test you, to test your devotion to your purpose. If the point you want to reach is clear in your mind, no amount of adversity will ever be able to stop you. It will only make you want to reach it so much more.

You will have days when keeping doubts at bay will be easy and days you want to give in to the doubts. For the hard days, you need to use your purpose as a beacon to guide you to safety. If not, you might end up shattered on the rocks.

It does not matter how many people you know or how many want you to succeed, in your mind you are alone. There is no one to help you or to tell you what to do.

It is inside your mind you have to prove yourself first. Once you are able to do that, no outside obstacle will ever be able to stop you.