Stand still

I miss many things that I can’t do these days, but most of all I miss the people. I remember the laughs and the walks and being together. Now we are kept in our own boxes with little or no interaction. I didn’t think the situation will affect me, but it’s starting to.

Being alone with only my mind is not easy to do. Parts I have kept hidden are coming forward and I am forced to face them. Maybe it’s for the best because this way I am forced to make peace with who I am, even the parts of me I don’t want to accept. Next time I have to face the world I will be better due to finding peace in my soul and my mind.

When everything moves around you, the first instinct is to start moving. Sometimes the best you can do is to remain still.

Life, in its nature, is always changing and we are forced to change with it, to adapt. As human beings, we are designed to dislike change because we find security in our comfort.  Either we like it or we don’t, change is a constant presence in our lives and all we can do is face it. Adapting means doing the best we can do with what is at our disposal, not what everyone else is doing.

If we always follow the crowd, we might end up in places we don’t recognize, places that are not easy to escape.

We are all scared now and it doesn’t help any of us. We need to keep composure and not panic because what we need most is a clear mind to make good decisions.

None of us know when will this end, but we all hope it will be as soon as possible. It’s a situation that is awaking our inner fears and pushing us further apart as human beings. It is clear that the recommended protection is staying away from people, but it’s hard to do in a world built on human interaction.

We pray to make the best decision during this troubled time so that we lose the list number of lives possible. I hope when it’s all over we can emerge more united than ever before and that we will be able to see past our fears.