The life in your mind

I remember a time when playing with my friends was enough to make me happy. A time when having a bigger house, a better car, the nicest clothes were not important. In those days being together was enough and life was easier.

Unfortunately, we have grew up and now we are overwhelmed with responsibilities and considering people’s opinions. This way of being allows us so little time for us to find out who we are and what we want.

How many of us take the time to stop and analyze what we do, what we feel, what we say? Many of us are pushed around by the energy of life with no influence from our part. For us to fulfill our purpose in this life we must first search inside, but this is hard to do because there are scary things inside.

Each one of us is living at least two lives. We might not be aware, but we all do it.

The one we know about and think is the most important is what everyone calls life. Going to work, making friends, making small talk. This life is made up by every thing that we are aware about. The second life is completely contained in our mind. We don’t even realize how important is what’s happening there.

The life that takes shape in our mind is the root of all possible things.  In order to unlock the possibilities available to us, we need to turn our attention inward and get to know what speaks to our soul. If we are able to discover who we are, the outer life will stop being a reaction to the world and will become one with what we live in our mind.

Every day I hope to make the right decision, but I never know for sure. Time pushes us forward, so analyzing all possible options is not something we can do. We must act on what we know now and fill the blanks along the way. If we try to know everything before we act, we might mistake what is in our mind for the real world and remain stuck there.

Life is easier if we are sincere about who we are and what we want. Many times, people do and say things that they don’t believe, only to be accepted, or at least not rejected. Nobody’s opinion or acceptance will make you a different person. When you accept yourself for who you are, then is when everything changes. And change is good even when it’s bad.