Move on

Everything in my life seems to be on pause. I have grown tired of trying to force things to move. I believe now is the time to change my approach. I will embrace what life sends my way, with the belief that it is what I need. Even if most of the time it doesn’t feel like that, I know that all I am forced to face is for my own good.

I’ve been drifting for some time, with no clear direction, fighting the waves relentlessly. My strength is almost gone, but I still have faith in an outcome that will make everything better. Now that the sea calmed down and the waves have become nothing to fear anymore, I can set directions for new places.

Sitting in one place, where everything stays the same, is not useful anymore. There is no growth in places like that. You might be tempted to believe that the comfort you feel now means that you are in a good place, but it’s not entirely true. The comfort you feel is numbing your dreams and abilities, it’s stopping you from growing, from becoming more than you are right now.

My opinion might be wrong, but I believe that growth is the only thing that can make life better. Unfortunately, growth comes only as a result of going through difficulties, suffering, and learning from them.

I turned 40 only three days ago. I thought that this will make a big change in my life, but it doesn’t. Nothing feels different, but some things are different. There’s peace that surrounds me at this moment. It seems to have nothing to do with how I act or how I feel.

This peace charges my patience, and it allows me better manage what life brings my way. It also makes it easier for me to identify where I need to go and keep the course until I get there. Each day, some of this peace is transferred to me and it makes me better, so, maybe things have changed, or maybe I have changed.

I don’t remember the last time I was so clear about who I am and where I am headed. The certainty that I am going to get there feels like faith, but stronger. I am grateful for these feelings because I was in need of some clarity and certainty in my life. I’ve been wandering aimlessly for a long time, and being able to see my destination makes all that I’ve gone through make sense.

For me, making the best of what is happening is always important, but because of all the stress and pressure, I was not able to do these for so many things. Now, that I can think clearly again, I am able to see that I never want to lose this ability again because it’s an essential skill to navigate life.