In need of salvation

I look into the sky in the hope that salvation is going to come down upon me, but deep inside, I know that I am my only salvation. I am here as a result of every little thing I did along the way. All the struggles I had to deal with have taught me that my own help is the only one I can count on.

For the people that helped me get here, I am grateful, but unfortunately, they are the exceptions. For the others, I am understanding, because I know they had their own problems, and had no time to deal with mine.

Most people in this world have a narrow vision of life, and when faced with difficulties they tend to see only things they consider are going to make it all better. In truth, life is fuller when you stop focusing only on what you need and start noticing how you can be of help to the people around you.

If more of us would shift our mentality to “what I can do for you”, rather than “what you can do for me”, then the world would stop being such a scary place. The kind of salvation we want is where we are requested to do nothing but get everything. This will never come.

In the real world, salvation comes in the form of help you don’t expect, from people that have no reasons to help you. Still, they gave a part of themselves for you to keep hope. Your job, now, is to pay forward the help you’ve received. This is the only salvation this world needs.

I want to trust that I am on the right path, and all that I’m doing takes me closer to who I am meant to be, but I don’t know. My need for change comes from fear and boredom. I know this is not the best motivation, but, for now, it will have to do.

Running from something might not be the best way to reach my destination, but it’s better than staying trapped in this current situation. I have been chasing and asking for change for a long time, but every time it becomes a real possibility, I panic.

Where I am now is not good for me. I can feel it. At the same time, nothing can surprise me here, and this provides a kind of stability, but at the same time, it keeps me in a box, with no chance to evolve. I must close this chapter, and move on to something else. Something different, that can help me learn and earn.

What my future will bring will always be a mystery, but I need to believe that what comes my way is meant to elevate me as a human being. Reality might not always align with my beliefs, but I’d rather live believing this than thinking everything is stacked against me.

As Albert Einstein said, “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe”. So, I’ll make my choice.