Making the best of life

Life goes on with no concern for our plans or our wishes. This doesn’t stop us from trying to control each aspect of it in the hope life will follow the course we set. Even when we find a guide towards the right path for us, we tend to ignore it.

I am now in a moment when I believe I know what is my direction in life. I have taken certain steps in this direction, but my progress is slow. I am aware that I slow things down, though I don’t want to. I am afraid because I don’t know how to finish what I’ve started and I use this as an excuse to avoid the work that needs to be done.

If I am to become the man I see in my mind, I must act like it and work until everything makes sense. Each day I will make some progress. It doesn’t matter how small as long as it’s progress. I hope that, in time, my work will add up to my growth and my dreams will add to my success.

Today I woke up with newfound energy. I’ve missed this feeling. The last few days drained my energy. I slept well and I am now ready for the task that lays ahead.

My mind is clear enough for me to see I am the only one who can do what needs to be done. No matter how many times I avoid doing the work it will still find me. It is time to make my own path. I will pass this test in my way and it will be more than enough. If it’s not, there’s no one to blame.

I believe I can achieve everything I set my mind to do in this life. So, I’ll treat every challenge that comes my way with a clear mind, and do as good of a job as I can.

This way of thinking and doing allows me to say “this was a good day” at the end of each day and know tomorrow is going to be just as good as today.