A day like any other

A day like any other is what I want, but no day is like any other. Each has its own ups and downs.

From time to time there are days that stay in your mind and soul. It’s not about the days, it’s about what’s happening and the meaning you put on what’s happening. It’s about people and about what you feel. The reason to keep those meaningful days close to your soul is so you can feel the same feeling that made you hold on to this day.

Sometimes we’re wrong. We hold on to the wrong days and the wrong feelings and we end up reliving the worst moments of our life. Some of us become trapped in our minds with these repeating moments to no end. The only way to escape it is to escape those feelings that hurt us.

Searching inside I find both good and bad days. Each and every one of them thought me something. Some thought me to pay attention, some thought me to treasure people, some thought me to treasure life and some thought me to push through the pain.

I’m sure there are a lot more things to learn in the days to come. I hope I’ll be able to learn them. I hope to be the man my parents saw in me. The one they started to raise. By now it’s not about making them proud, it’s about being my own man. A man who doesn’t run from what life brings, even if it brings what he fears most. 

At times I pray to Mosa for time to slow down, so I can enjoy the good for as long as possible. It never works. In those moments time passes so fast it amazes me. When it comes to the moments I run from, time stretches and I find myself stuck in those moments for a long time.

Time. It’s all about time. We are drifting along with no knowledge of when it’s gonna end and no chance of going back to redo things.

What wonders could we accomplish if we could step out of time if our lives wouldn’t be measured? Or maybe we would accomplish nothing. We seem to be very good at this.

How would our life be if we got a do over of everything we are not at peace with? I want to believe it would be better, but I don’t know. We tend to make matters worst than they should be. It is in our essence to complicate things.

I’ll have to accept the way the world is set to work, with time flowing one way, not waiting for anyone. So, let’s keep moving forward. It’s not like we have any other choice.