Glimpses of life

Some days I am able to calm down and let things be and trust that all is going to fall into place, even if this means I have to surrender control. On these days I catch glimpses of the life I’m moving towards. I am still unable to see the way to obtain what I see in my mind, but it’s fine. As long as the image in my mind remains clear the path to get there is going to reveal itself.

I know this life might have been easier if I would’ve known the path to follow from the start, but that is not the way life works. Knowing things in advance would mean I learn nothing. So, what is the point?

I pray to be wise enough to still myself when needed and trust everything moves towards the best outcome for me, for the people I care about, and for the things I want to accomplish. I have faith this life is a gift even when it might not seem like it.

I used to believe each day has its own energy and I hunted for the good ones. Now I understand, no day is one way or another until we decide so. It is my energy that is changing the day. This understanding made me a better man and allowed me to live a better life. I no longer meet my days with judgment, but with a calm and open mind.

I ask from each day what I need and trust it will provide. Everything that comes after this I receive as a gift. Whatever comes, I have the certainty it is going to be useful. I no longer count my blessings because I’ve already lost count. My days are full of them. Now my mind is free to roam the fields of imagination unburdened by every day’s worries.