Stress yields growth

I have become a problem solver, not by choice, at least, not in the beginning. After my father’s death, I had to step in his place. That meant dealing with requests coming from everywhere and with many problems. I struggled to make sense of all of them and make sense of the mess.

In my soul, things are always clear, but my mind doesn’t want to follow at times. I’ve learned to use this to my advantage. By listening to the doubts in my mind and following the feelings in my soul, I make the best choices. They are the best choices for the moment. I am sure of it.

I’ve never thought it was going to be this hard. Every second I fight myself. I know not what I’m supposed to do or to be. I know nothing for sure and it makes me feel helpless. I want to help the people I love. I want them to have the life they deserve, but I have no idea how to do that.

What is to do when the ones you love are hurting and you can do nothing to change that? Not because you don’t want to, but because the solution is out of your reach or there is no solution. It is selfish to think you are important also and accept you can’t do anything to improve things?

In my point of view, all we can do in situations like this is offer our support, love, and understanding to the person in need. If we can provide a solution, it must be adapted to the person for it to work.

The human mind is complex, but in this case, complexity is an obstacle for healing. Instead of making a few clear choices, the mind chooses to analyze all possible scenarios, no matter how improbable they are.

Though it hurts we must leave the people we love deal with problems on their own so they can evolve.