Days like today

Days like today make everything worth it. Days when every little thing falls in its place and all stars align. Days that make all hardships be forgotten. Days when you are happy to be alive.

If you really look, all days are like this. They are full of joy and success. They are full of love and laughter. They are full of curiosity and creativity. They are full of life. A life that is meant to be tasted in every moment. A thing some of us, or maybe most of us, have forgotten how to do.

Today I understood that my life is not about what anyone says or believes, it’s about what I tell myself and how I see things. From now on I choose to see each day for the gift it is. Each moment I still breathe it’s an opportunity to live and to love. Through my beliefs, all that I’ve ever dreamed of is constantly coming into my life. At any moment my life is full of love, health, riches, and wisdom.

I might not always see it, but my life is full of joy and I am grateful for every moment and for every blessing. Love and truth are what I stand for. In a world that no longer knows what is right, truth and love are harder to find than ever. That is why I treasure every person who’s not afraid to speak their mind. Hearing the truth is a blessing, even when it hurts.

A new day lies in front of us. A day with new opportunities or with new problems. We don’t know from the start how it’s going to be but maybe we can choose what we focus on. For me, it works to focus on the opportunities, and after some time problems start to change into opportunities. Opportunities to learn, evolve, to become better.

The day goes its own way with no concern about what each of us wants, but if we choose to, we can find purpose in every day.