A made up world

Am I made up by the voices in my head? Is my existence the result of an act of imagination?

I have no answer for these questions, but I don’t think that they are needed. Even if my existence turns out to be an act of imagination, why not have an active part in it? I will put my thoughts into the world in the hope they will influence how this life goes.

Each person lives in a world they made up, and after, they decided to call it reality. Our perception of the world is never unbiased. We always try to make sense of what we perceive, and we do this by mixing the current experience with whatever the mind considers relevant.

Our mind does not always speak the truth. It only makes up stories that we are more likely to believe. It does this by connecting what’s happening with what we already think we know.

A human being is never only the mind or the body, as a single thing. We are the result, and at the same time, the cause of our mind, body, and soul interacting and influencing the world. Our ideas shape our experiences, and our experiences shape our ideas. That is why we need to find equilibrium inside, or else we will never be able to stand by ourselves.

All that I am is a result of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. No matter how much I try to run from it, this is my reality. I am responsible for all that is good, but also for all that is not at the level I want it to be.

I am grateful for the person I have become, even if there are aspects of my life I am not at peace with. In order to solve or improve on what doesn’t yet work as it should, I need to better understand myself.  Why do I do certain things and avoid others? Why do some thoughts help and others stop me before I start?

My inner dialog is important to how I go about things. That is why I need to pay attention to what I tell myself. The purpose of self talk is to provide support and strength for us, not to make us weak. Somewhere along the way, this changed for many of us, and now we hurt ourselves instead of healing.

I don’t have a solution for how we can make everything better, but what I’ve learned is that we need to be our best friends and not our worst enemies. This can only be done by convincing ourselves that we are worth it.