What is important?

What is important in life? This is a simple question with not such a simple answer. Many people think they have the answer, but few do. None of us is given a map or any guidance on the first day in this world. We all need to learn from what is around us and do the best we can do.

What we learn is important, and sometimes we’re not the ones choosing the lessons. For the most part, we are the ones choosing, even if not willingly.

We don’t all start life in the same place, and for some of us, this is an excuse to not trust that there’s a place for each of us in this world. The way life unfolds is different for each of us, but many are under the impression that the only way to be happy, to succeed, is to live someone else’s life.

This never works because you can be at your best, feel the best, and enjoy the best of life only when you live yours. The perfect life for you is the one you are living, but for you to acknowledge this, a change in perspective is needed. When you learn to trust your thoughts, your heart, and your choices, life becomes simpler, even if not easier.

I don’t know the answer to the question I have started with, but I am sure you are important to someone or something. Until you start believing that, yourself, everything will feel harder than it needs to be. Start trusting yourself and your instincts. Soon enough you’ll gain momentum and move into a life that you belong to.

Differentiating between the good and the bad choices is hard, especially when you are not clear on where you want to go. The guide for life that we are all looking for has been embedded in our being. All we have to do is learn to understand what is telling us, and also learn to ask useful questions from ourselves, and the world.

We all need answers, but we must understand that the answers that worked for someone else will not necessarily work for us. This means, we need to find our own answers, and some of them will be hard to find. Harder when we are not willing to accept the answers that come up.

Life is always moving forward, and we are supposed to do the same. Mostly out of fear, we try to avoid leaving the comfort of what we know right now. Failing to understand that life means movement, will keep us trapped in a false sense of security, and will not allow us to grow.

Each moment is meant to be experienced. The result is only as important as you decide it to be. Every experience has something to teach us if we are willing to learn. The best approach to everything in life is that of a continuous learner. This way, we can focus on the lessons, and not on the obstacles.

We all come into this life crying, but it is up to us if we keep on crying, or choose a different approach. Make your best to experience life, rather than fight against it. It might prove to be what you need.