You can do something

Why don’t you enjoy what you’re doing anymore? The plans you make for tomorrow, all stem from what you are doing today. So, it would help to be invested in this moment. This single moment that you are living right now is unique. There has never been one like it, and there will never be one like it again.

Because you don’t pay attention, many of the moments that made up your life seem identical. This is not true. Each of them has something to teach you. In each of them is a hidden opportunity. You need to find something to enjoy in every moment because it will help you lay a better foundation for tomorrow.

Your plans will start from a place that means something to you. Tomorrow will come with its own challenges, but if you find the blessings in this day, they will be easier to manage. Every lesson that you learned, every obstacle that you overcome, and all the things that you’ve given up, they made you the person that you are today.

Your pragmatism and cynicism are useful sometimes, but they also stop you from seeing the world through a child’s eye. Seeing the world like this is necessary because it allows everything that is good to exist.

To enjoy today, you need to learn to look for what is good. It might seem hard now because you got used to finding what is wrong with things, situations, and people. Both the good and the bad of the world exist. It’s up to you to choose one or the other, at every moment.

It seems that you have nothing to say or to do, and this is causing you to slip into a state of lethargy. Don’t stay for too long with this idea because it might convince you that this is the truth. You have a lot to say and there is always something you can do. Start where you are and choose to do something.

It doesn’t need to be the “right thing”,  it only needs to be one thing. This first action will open new options for you, it will stem new thoughts inside your mind, and they will require new actions. Your focus should be on what you can do right now that can improve the situation you find yourself in.

Find one thing that you can do, and do that. This small step will make the next portion of your path visible. This step might be wrong but it will still teach you something, and this will increase the chances that the next step will take you in the right direction.

What is the right direction? You may ask. Well, the right direction is something that you will feel before you are able to see it. You will first find it by accident because you’ll stumble into something that makes you feel like nothing before it.

To find it, it’s necessary to try doing things. If you are lucky, there will not be so many to try before you can find what is meant for you. Even if it takes longer to find the path that’s yours, don’t ever stop. Always do the one thing you can, it might be the one to make you feel the right way.