Where is the good?

Where is the good in your life? Can you see it? No. Why is that? Because, statistically, it can’t all be bad. There must be some good things in your life, some things that you can appreciate, some things that you can be grateful for.

Right now, you might be feeling that there’s nothing good in your life, and this makes it true for you. It’s hard to see something different than what you keep your mind on. So, stop digging your own hole, and look for a way to climb out.

Stop fighting everyone who is trying to help you. Only because you felt this pain for such a long time it does not make it right. You are allowed to feel something else, something that can shine light on the good things in your life.

The past convinced you that this world is made of nothing but pain, but in the present things are different. Yes, there are still some bad things in your life, but you must understand that it is a choice you make, to only see that. Nobody can take you out of the place you’re fighting so hard to stay in. It is on you to see something else than reasons to be afraid.

You don’t need to change things instantly, but you need to start doing something to help yourself. First a small thing, then another, and soon you’ll be in a different place.

Do you trust yourself to do what is right for you? Do you respect the promises made to yourself? Why not? Aren’t you as important as the other people that you keep your promises to? You are important, but in time, you came to believe that what you need is less important, that the people you care for always need your help.

There comes a time when you need to let go of all that is hurting. From that point on you decide to keep only what does you good. This does not mean that you now need to be selfish and not take others into consideration. It only means that you have to treat yourself with the same kindness you treat the people you love. And, at the same time, trust that the ones you want to help can take care of themselves.

Learn to keep the promises you make to yourself because if you can’t trust yourself to do the right thing then who can you trust? In the days to come you’ll be forced into situations that will test you, and being able to trust yourself will prove to be important.

Of course, you can keep doing things the same way you always did, but that means that you will probably get the same results. Why not try something else? Like doing the right thing for yourself first. This way you’ll be in a position to help when somebody asks for help.