Can’t help everyone

When will you understand that no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to help everyone? People have to go through their own struggles, and they need to have their own realizations. They won’t be able to understand what you’re telling them until they reach that conclusion by themselves.

Why do you believe that you know better what a person needs than that person? Have you gone through the same struggles? Do you have the same thoughts? Do you know everything? No, you don’t know better! It’s only your ego that is trying to turn the desire to be of service into something that is selfish.

Next time you want to judge another person’s situation, turn attention to yourself. Focus on finding solutions to your own problems, and let others work on their own. When they are ready, and if they need it, they’ll ask for your help, and then it will be well received. Until then, be patient and work on finding balance, and learn all that you can.

Trust that people can take care of themselves and that they don’t need you to bail them out of trouble. Every person has a different process of evolution, and we don’t all move at the same pace. Yes, helping each other is important, and it is necessary, but like any human interaction, it involves two sides that need to accept it.

Trust that life will always put you in a position where you can be useful, it might just be in a different way than what you expected.

You are so good at giving advice to the people around you. Why do you find it hard to follow the same advice? It is easy to provide solutions when you see a problem from the outside because you are able to understand it.

When you are in the middle of a problem, it becomes more difficult to see things clearly. Once your emotions come into play, it is even harder to think clearly enough to solve the problem you’re in. Learn how to use your ability to provide good and useful advice, for your own benefit.

When faced with a problem you are unable to solve, imagine that the person facing this problem is someone you care for. Make your observations, identify what can be done, and decide on a plan of action to go past the problem. Then, go and follow that plan yourself, and let it lead you out of this problem.

Finding solutions to your own problems can be difficult sometimes because you tend to dismiss the ones that seem too straightforward or too simple. All you need is to find a solution that works. Then you apply it and see where it leads you. If it’s not the right place, you apply a different solution.

Acting this way, you’ll live a fuller life than if you were to wait for the perfect solution every time.