What is it all about?

What is it all about?

Every time I ask the question a different answer comes up. What I can be sure of is that life is not only about one thing. It is about living and learning, about loving and helping, about many other things.

As children we were unstoppable and the world had infinite possibilities. What happened? When did we forget to trust the courageous voice inside, the fearless voice that guided us in the most daring of adventures?

When it became all right to give up on ourselves? Nothing that could ever or has ever happened in our life justifies giving up on who we are and giving up on what could make us happy.

We have become more afraid of making mistakes than we are interested to succeed. Mistakes are a part of life and no matter how much we avoid them they will be in our lives. Though we might not see it when we are in the midst of a problem, mistakes are needed.

We are allowed to be wrong if we are willing to learn. It is when we stop learning from them that mistakes start to frighten us.

Remember how easy it was to pick yourself up as a child and remember, the only reason we encounter hardships in our life is for us to become stronger and go past them.

No amount of excuses or circumstances could ever make it right for us to remain stuck in a place we no longer belong to.

The only constant of life is change. It is our responsibility to make these changes for the better.

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