What are you chasing?

Do we really need all the things we are chasing? So many times we go all in on reaching our self imposed goals, on attaining the right house and the right car, but we forget to check periodically if we still want those things.

Each of us needs something to pursue because it adds direction to our lives, but it needs not become an obsession that we don’t question anymore. We should question our actions every day, to make sure that they are what we want, and not something that is of no value to us.

Our actions can even bring harm to ourselves or to the people we care about if we don’t analyze the reasons we are doing them for. A clear way of action that can bring us benefits is not always easy to form, but we should, at least, try to see things clearly. It might not always be achievable, but clarity it’s good to have at all times.

At intervals that we decide, we should evaluate ourselves, and the actions we take, and make sure that the results of our actions are the ones desired. If they are not, we must not be afraid to make the necessary changes to correct our trajectory.

Even if there is not only one way to reach the targets we set for ourselves, we need to make sure that we do not become inebriated by the effects of our actions and forget why we do them. In this life you are your own guide, so you need to develop the skill of accurately evaluating everything you do. 

What if what you are chasing is already available in your life, but because of your stubbornness, you can’t see it? You need to get out of your head and pay attention to what is happening around you. The time you spend exploring a thousand versions that might occur could have a better use by acting on that one real version.

Problems can’t be solved in your head, because the solutions you find need real world feedback. Without feedback, they are only an act of imagination.

By acting, you can identify what works in the real world and what is only a waste of energy. When you find the courage to act, you free up the energy that was caught in those other versions. You no longer need to guess what will happen, because now, you already know.

Every day is the right day to act on what is important to you, to face a fear you have, to step out of your mind and into your life.

You’ve been searching for something all of this time. It might have been a purpose, or maybe a confirmation that you are going in the right direction. There is no confirmation. All you have is the gut feeling that brought you here, that made you push when there was no clear reason to do so, that feeling that stopped you from giving up.

What you’re looking for is already yours. It becomes clear when you look back on the decisions you made up to this point. Every time you were tempted to quit, you trusted in the process, and it proved enough. Always trust the process, it’s the only certainty you will ever have.