Consistent action

Sometimes you get tired of pushing forward. It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but a sign that you’re not doing it for nothing would be nice. Why haven’t you quit yet? There’s been no tangible result for the last few years, but this hasn’t stopped you from putting in the work every day.

The way you benefit from this consistent action can’t be measured objectively. You must decide if the transformation you undergo every time you sit to do it is worth the effort. It probably is, otherwise, I don’t think you would’ve kept at it for such a long time.

What if it never turns into something glamorous? Will you still be willing to do it? Please do, because it reminds people of who they are, and of how important it is to accept that.

Your actions might seem insignificant, but it is only because you are looking at them from too close. Every action has a ripple effect that moves through the world. When a ripple finds the right person, the one in need of what you’ve sent out, the benefits it brings are far beyond anything you could imagine.

It will always be your choice to stop or to keep going. The proof that you are creating impact might never come, but, please don’t take this as a sign to stop what you’re doing. I hope that by now, doing the work every day has become engraved in your being, so that it makes giving up as hard as losing an arm.

Please trust that what you are doing is worth it. I promise you that someone is in need of it. Happiness is not a feeling that you need to chase, but rather a feeling you need to remember.

When you were a child, there was no need to try to be happy. It was your default state. As you grew up, you started borrowing opinions and beliefs, first from your parents, then from your friends, your teachers, and soon from everyone else.

So, you forgot to be happy, but this feeling has never left you. It is hidden under many layers of insecurity, disempowering self talk, and all the things that keep you from living life. You still know how to be happy, but to remember how it feels, you need to spend time in solitude, with only your thoughts, and peel off the layers that cover your happiness.

Some of the layers will peel off easily, but others will take much effort to take off. There will also be pain involved. Sometimes there will be so much pain involved that you will consider it might be better to give up on remembering to be happy. Don’t give up. Keep going, until all the layers have been removed. What remains is you, with nothing to cover who you are.

Being happy is something that is always available. There is no pursuit involved. It is effortless to achieve, but we have been running after it for such a long time that it is hard to accept that happiness is always present.

Happiness is just as easy to feel as anger, hate, and disappointment. It only requires a different kind of focus, a different kind of energy. Like any other feeling out there, happiness is what you decide it is.