The small things

The small things always matter because every day is made up of them, and in time, they add up to create effects that you can’t imagine. We’ve got into the habit to focus on the big things, on what we consider important, and we pay no attention to the everyday stuff.

In truth, what we do each day contributes to the achieving of any goal we set for ourselves. What we don’t do is just as important, and it can impact the final result just as much.

Your life will present you with a series of choices. Sometimes, your options will be all different from what you want, but you will still have to choose. The more you are aware of where your choices go, a better image you can form of where you will end up.

You’re not used to asking yourself why you do what you do, and it might be confusing when you start doing it, but if you keep to it, it can make a big difference in your life. If you look back, it becomes clear that all your accomplishment in life are the result of sustained work done consistently, in small increments every day.

The future can be everything that you want it to be, but to build it, you must start from where you are now, use what you have, and focus on making as much progress as you can every day. Don’t blame yourself if it seems that the results of your actions delay, just make sure today you are a little closer to them than yesterday. Small progress is still progress.

Everyone will tell you, that you should know what you want in your future. What if you have no idea, what if you only feel what is right for you just before it comes into your life? You are always free to decide what you want for your future, but you need to understand that there is no universal blueprint of what life is meant to be.

The more time spent looking for how things should be done, the less time you have left to do things, and your life is made up of what you do. It is necessary to get informed about how something should be done, but don’t mistake this for actually doing the thing. At sometime, you need to put all the information you collect into action. Your actions are the only thing that can move you forward in life, and life is only about movement.

When you decide to act and choose how to do so, you have a degree of control over where you will end up. If you avoid acting, life will force you until action is the only option, and this first action might not be the best for you.

You are always free to do or not to do what is required of you, but for your every choice, there are consequences, and you can’t run from them, not forever. The consequences of your action are as real as the consequences of your inactions. You are the only one capable to decide which hurts more.