Scared to be alone

Why is it so scary to be alone with your thoughts? Why does time seem to stretch until a few minutes become an eternity? The first answer is, this is something new for you. Never before have you taken the time to sit in silence and observe your thoughts.

Your mind is used to always being active, jumping from one thought to another. It is not used to being still, and it wants to escape this state. To return to the behavior it knows, the mind will tell you lies, it will bring up new sensations that will frighten you.

Don’t panic, it’s only you here, and you are safe. These are only tactics meant to distract you from what you are trying to do. Your mind is afraid because you now see it for what it is, an imposter that had you convinced it is you.

By exercising being still, and being aware of your thoughts and sensations, you will learn that you are neither your mind nor your body. They are only manifestations of who you are.

The mind has convinced you that you are your thoughts, but you are not, you are the one choosing which thoughts become real. When you are able to detach from your thoughts and the way you feel, and just observe them as if they belong to someone else, you will be able to discover new things about who you are.

The longer you sit with yourself, the more you will reveal from your being. Observe what you meet, without judgment, otherwise, you might get back to being afraid.

You have closed the door that could’ve taken you back to the world. What good has it done to you? You were not built to always be alone. It is time to open your window to the new opportunities the world is presenting. You might be afraid that you don’t know what to do, but this is no excuse to do nothing.

For everything life brings to your doorstep, you just start with what you know, and do your best with what you have.  In time, you will learn new things, you will become better at the old things, and soon enough, you’ll accomplish things that seemed impossible.

Making the impossible possible starts with the first unsure step on a path that is frightening and unclear. The rest of the way is filled with hard work, ups and downs, and occasional intermediary success. The intermediary successes are there to push you forward when things seem to go against you, but discipline and grit are going to keep you on the path the rest of the time.

Remember! All your evolution started with being open to an opportunity presented to you. Nothing would’ve happened if you had refused it if you would have done nothing.

To do what is necessary is just as easy as not doing it, but you got into the habit of not doing it, so, that seems easier. Just because it seems easier, it doesn’t mean it is, the consequences are only delayed. Do what is necessary because it is as easy as being open to the opportunities life brings your way.