The energy in memories

Each day starts with new energy. An energy that makes all things seem possible. We don’t do the same. We carry with us energy from the days before. We act upon that energy and get angry when things don’t fall into place and today is similar to yesterday.

Today is to be taken for what it is. A new day full of opportunities and chances waiting for us to find them. The energy we have changes our perspective accordingly. To better understand what comes our way we must give up preconceptions and see everything for what it is.

When we carry the bad energy from day to day, we force ourselves to experience the bad moments continuously. This puts a lot of pressure on our minds because the mind tries to keep up with the real world and with the one we constructed from the bad experiences.  After trying to do this for a long time, minds break.

The things we create in our minds are changeable, but only after we accept this as an option. If we don’t change anything, we go through the same things forever, with no chance of being free to live a life that is ours. 

I believe we should be grateful for what we have in our life even if it’s not what we want. This way we take away part of everyday stress and we allow ourselves some peace of mind to start enjoying life.

Our memories have one purpose, to act as bookmarks in our life’s story. When we visit them and remain stuck there, we are wasting the present. I treasure my memories, but I couldn’t live in the past. It’s nothing there anymore. Everything is now.

All that was remains unchanged, but if we paid attention along the way we still have the lessons. They are the part we should take with us from the memories. Each day I breathe I try to see the lessons. I’m sure I miss many of them, but that is less important. The ones I don’t miss make an impact on my life.